Design Mission

Buen Camino is the greeting a pilgrim shares with another as they walk their way to the shrine of Saint James in Spain. Behind those words is a centuries old tradition of camaraderie, common purpose, a simple trust in Providence set among the forests, hills, plains, and deserts of the Spanish countryside.

Your garden, your sanctuary in nature, is the crossroad where your personal health, mental, physical, spiritual, and family life come together. My mission is to guide you through the design process to help you realize your vision, in a way that is beautiful, practical, and harmonious with both the built and natural environment. Let’s create a space that invites you to interact with nature, a place with the spirit of Buen Camino.

Design services
 include, but are not limited to: 
​Native and Pollinator Gardens, Edible Landscapes, Outdoor Living Spaces, Urban Homesteads, Real Estate Staging, Curb Appeal Updates, and Planting Consultations. 

Katharina Cobley has worked as a contractor designing residential gardens in the San Francisco and Monterey Bay Areas. She received her bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of California, Berkeley with an ASLA merit award. She went on to receive her Teacher’s Credential from San Jose State University after which she taught the 6th grade until she became a mother. She is currently a mother of three and steward to a flock of chickens, a sourdough starter, and a growing vegetable and pollinator-friendly garden. She dreams of orchestrating her own regenerative homestead with bees and cows, sheep and ducks.